When Out Shopping

Every thing we purchase from furniture to Food to personal products has an impact on the environment. By choosing what you buy carefully, reading the labels, buying organic, try to choose local or natural products will help reduce the impact we have on the environment. Sustainable shopping is when we make environmentally friendly choices in what we purchase. 

Some questions to ask yourself before buying products to be sure you are making sustainable choices are:

  1. Do I really need it?  – Can I rent or borrow this item
  2. How and where is it made? – this is where reading the label is helpful to know if you are supporting the local economy and what the product is made from
  3. Is it durable?  knowing the lifespan of a product and how long it will be useful you.

When out shopping some choices you should consider to “green” your shopping are as simple as:

  1. using a reusable bag instead of plastic bags
  2. buy items that are not overly packaged
  3. buying local, organic foods and shopping at Farmer’s markets
  4. buy only what you need and try to purchase in bulk
  5. Buy fair trade products
  6. buy eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products
  7. Buy energy efficient products
  8. Buy recycled – cycled products when ever possible

Buy making some of these changes in our daily shopping habits will reduce our carbon footprint and support our local communities. It doesn’t have to be difficult, these are small, simple steps to creating sustainable shopping habits.