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Short Business Description: Natural Wheat Drinking Straws

Stroh – Biodegradable Wheat Drinking Straws
It is estimated that 500 million straws are used per day in the US alone, they end up in our waterways where they head out to sea and harm marine life. How can we avoid this?
Our straws are a natural byproduct of the wheat grain harvesting processmade from the stem of the wheat plant, are 100% biodegradable and importantly they’re completely gluten free. The top of the wheat plant is used to make flour whereas the base is usually burnt. We have found another use for this waste product, making it a truly circular product.
A no fuss, taste free, eco-friendly alternative to nasty single-use plastics.
Stroh drinking straws have a gorgeous golden colour, they don’t go soggy like paper straws and no unnecessary natural resources are used to make this product. They are single use, so once finished they can simply be added to the compost.
They are FDA certified, chemical free , compostable and delivered in boxes (no plastic involved)
A beautiful natural addition to any drink!

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