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Natural Planet Pet Foods

Natural Planet Pet Foods has choices for organic foods and exotic protein sources such as Venison, Duck, Kangaroo and Rabbit.  Our Super Premium foods feature the Good 4 Life system and are for all life stages. There are Grain Free options available and many feature fruits and vegetables as well as pro and pre-biotics.

Only Natural Pet

Crossroad Commons, 2100 28th St #1C, Boulder, CO

We’re founding members of the Pet Industry Sustainability Project, which thrives to make the planet healthier for both us and our pets. This means we work closely with other industry leaders to set standards that cover everything from efficient facilities to sustainable products. Together, we’re putting our greenest paw forward.

Our Store is selling natural, organic cat & dog foods, Earth-friendly accessories & grooming items

True Carnivores

5961 West Boulevard
Vancouver, BC
V6M 3X1

We are a raw pet food store located in Kerrisdale, Vancouver. On this website we will share with you the benefits of raw, advice on “making the switch”, products and supplements that we recommend, and why raw is the way to go! You can shop our online store and get delivery right to your door or visit us in person.
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4 Paws Pure

Prince George, BC

With the incidents of allergies, cancer and other illnesses in our pets on the rise, our learning curve was steep. We consulted with holistic vets, researched and learned about the Natural Prey Diet. Single Ingredient Treats, Natural Prey Diet, Flower Remedies, Herbal Supplements and All Natural Chews are the purest and best options for pets.

Celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year, 4 Paws Pure is proud to have developed the best and purest treats. We continue to work with rescue organizations, fostering and currently we have 4 beautiful failed rescues who we have decided to keep furever.
Toll Free: 1.877.569.1444 Local: 250.565.1444