Organic Mattresses and Bedding

Bed and Wood

10449 White Granite Dr # 3762, Oakton, VA
Handmade organic cotton and natural latex mattress

We hand make luxurious dreams with our cotton and latex sleep products. From reversible latex foam mattress ( to organic cotton filled cotton futon mattress(, these are all fibers from earth. We do not use any coils, springs or other foams with the highest certification standards. Our mission is to give 100% natural fill sleep experience, sleeping like in a cloud.

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815 Gilman Street
Berkeley, CA

Earthsake offers the finest in natural organic bedding you can buy. We have mattresses handcrafted from local PureGrow wool and organic cotton along with all natural bedframes and organic linens. Earthsake Organic Mattresses, pillows, toppers & comforters contain layers of organic or PureGrow wool and organic cotton inside soft organic cotton covers.

Live and Sleep

Live and Sleep makes it easy to get a great night sleep again.

Live your Life and Sleep your Best!
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Loom & Leaf

Wright Street, Suite 108, Westport, CT

Our American-made, plant-based foams have amazing sustainable qualities, our outer covering is hand-crafted with organic cotton, we use a natural thistle flame retardant, we’re committed to a smaller carbon footprint and we are members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC).


16925 Park Circle Drive
Chagrin Falls, OH

Naturepedic specializes in the design and manufacturing of quality organic mattresses for adults and children. Our organic bedding and mattresses are only made with natural, organic, and non-toxic materials that provide comfort and overall health and safety. Our bedding designs remove the need for fire retardant chemicals and chemical barriers, meaning that the products from our organic bedding company are safer and healthier for you and your family.


PlushBeds Corporate Offices
1201 N. Orange St.
Bldg # 7058
Wilmington, DE

We manufacture and sell luxury mattresses that promote good health and facilitate quality sleep. In addition to manufacturing some of the healthiest and most comfortable mattresses on the planet, we have scoured the globe to bring you the highest-quality sleep products available. No matter what you decide to purchase from us, you can always expect the best.
Toll Free; 1-888-758-7423 or International: 1-813-882-5791


8 Wright Street, Suite 108 Westport, CT

Try the ultra-premium, eco-friendly Saatva, sold exclusively online for under $1,000 USD, and join the thousands of happy Saatva owners.

Satara Home

6333 University Avenue
Middleton, WI

Satara Home has helped customers sleep healthy, more comfortably. We offer the purest, natural mattresses and organic bedding available, from crib to king size. We know quality and safety are important to you. They’re a big deal to us, too. That’s why we carefully consider what goes into making our products, who makes them and where.

Sleep Natural

9951 Hedden Road, Suite 100,
Evansville, IN
Sleep Natural mattresses are made using only local, sustainable materials. Our affordable beds give luxurious sleep to everyday people, & their plant-based materials allow customers to rest easy.

After receiving countless customer requests for an affordable Tempur-Pedic alternative, Mark Hisle (President & Founder of Mark’s Mattress Outlet) had an idea for an all natural mattress. He created Sleep Natural using only local, sustainable materials that he could sell for an affordable price.

Sleep Natural mattresses are made to give luxurious sleep to everyday people, & their renewable, plant-based materials allow customers to rest easy. Find out more today & start sleeping better tonight.