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PO Box 1292
Santa Cruz, CA


The  Store brings the products of family farmers home to you. While our farmers focus on selling fresh produce and meats directly to their local communities, many of them offer some of their products via mail order through us. We currently offer 5992 products. LocalHarvest connects people looking for good food with the farmers who produce it.

Mission Hills Nursery

1525 Fort Stockton Drive
1525 Fort Stockton Drive
San Diego’s oldest nursery, Mission Hills Nursery & Lawn care is San Diego’s eco-gardeners! Organic and eco-friendly

San Diego’s oldest garden center, a combination of culture and class. A ‘Can Do Attitude’ by our staff, allows our customers to expand their gardening dreams.

Mission Hills Nursery has refined the garden shopping, we make it easy, fun, and educational. We want you to succeed in the garden.

Visit our location in the heart of Mission Hills and take a stroll, discover paradise in the middle of the city. You’ll enjoy the most complete family operated garden center in San Diego. Roses, landscape shrubs, trees, flowers galore for every spot in your garden, interior plants, pottery, and a selection of organic fertilizer, insecticides and soils that will make your garden thrive.

We’ve become the Organic Gardening Center of San Diego. Eco-Friendly Landscapes are a great part of our services with Eco-Gardeners of San Diego you can’t go wrong.

Mission Hills Nursery was founded in 1910 by the ‘Mother of Balboa Park’ Kate Sessions. Kate Sessions began it, and it was just a house with a little yard that she sold her plants out of. It’s less than an acre, and when people first come in they are amazed. They think, OK, the top of the nursery, and then they start wandering back here and like, wow, this is an oasis in the middle of the city, What we’ve always said in the past is you can buy your plants anywhere, but what we give you is the knowledge to know what to do with the plant once you get it home, or if it’s the right plant for you to take home. We always think that Kate would like what we’re doing. She would appreciate it, At the Mission Hills Nursery, we still nurture the vision of the woman who planted the first seed.

Mission Hills Nursery
619 818-9396

South Arm Tree Care

26 Roaring Beach rd
26 Roaring Beach rd
Professional Arborists for Tree Care and Tree Removal In Hobart

South Arm Tree Care is a professional operation specialising in residential tree care and tree removal. We are professional registered practicing arborists and current members of Arboriculture Australia.   

South Arm Tree Care will take the stress out of your tree work. We have the equipment, skills and competence to get every job done safely and on time with no damage to your structures or garden.  We provide complete, quality services to our customers.


Wild Hare Organic Farm

4520 River Road Tacoma, WA

Your year-round stop for seasonal organic fruit, vegetables, eggs, seeds, plants and truly delicious local foods! Welcome to Wild Hare Organic Farm!   We are very excited to be the next generation of farmers of  Terry’s Berries, where we will continue to grow vegetables, berries, herbs, apples and eggs on those 20 acres in the Puyallup River Valley, just three miles outside of Tacoma.  Mark and Katie are looking forward to growing for you for many seasons to come!