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One Home

St Lawrence Lodge, 37 Chamberlain Street, Wells
Positive Changes You Can Make for Sustainable Living

One Home helps you make choices that will benefit you, your community and our planet. One Home provides practical, independent and impartial guides on sustainable living including low carbon travel, renewable energy, local food and home improvements such as, insulation and green gardening. One Home also offers advice on how to adapt to the impacts of climate change, such as flooding and heat waves.

One Home is a not-for-profit social enterprise committed to encouraging positive solutions to global warming. The impacts of global warming are already with us but so are the opportunities to reduce pollution through affordable clean technology. So whether you install solar power panels, drive an electric car or eat less red meat, small changes, every day, help to make a big difference to protect the people and places we love from the increasingly weird weather.

One Home


495 Flatbush Avenue
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Sustainable Food Edmonton

PO Box 34183, Kingsway Mall
Edmonton, Alberta

T5G 3G4

Sustainable Food Edmonton is a non-profit charitable organization who initiates and supports projects and programs to encourage the building of community through urban agriculture. We connect communities and kids with their food, how it’s produced, and the planet that makes it all possible.