Shop Local, Eat Local

Shop and eat local means that you are supporting food and products and are grown and produced locally.

Instead of shopping and eating at chain store and restaurants where food is shipped in on trucks we are shopping at local farmers markets, mom and pop restaurants who buy food locally. This means you are helping your local economy buy keeping the money in your community.

Did you know that local business will:

  • Will put 3x more than big chains back into your local community
  • Create local jobs and sometimes even better wages
  • Offer local, one-of-a-kind products and the food is fresher as it is generally picked the day of delivery

Because local shops will make or buy their products using locally grown product they don not need to transport good in, this cuts down on air pollution and has less impact on the environment.

You will also receive more personal, friendly service when buying from a local business, this is their lively hood and they know about the products they are selling.

Overall, local business not only give more back to the community and local charities, they are better for the health and sustainability of their local community.