Reasons to buy Organic

With organic products being such a hot topic in this day and age we might find ourselves asking if organic is the best choice and why we should by organic products. We have some of the answers to your questions here.

In Canada, organic products must meet strict national standards. For more information on the Canadian Organic Standards refer to the Government of Canada Website buy following the link. A certified organic product will meet the standard and have the Canadian Organic logo on it.

When buying organic products, you are buying products that don’t use toxins and chemicals that have a negative impact on our environment and health. Organic farmers are not polluting our water systems as they are not using the chemicals and toxins.

Organic farmers promote sustainable and ecological balances and require less energy than other farming methods, and they produce healthier soil and there is less erosion which will keep the land fertile for years to come.

Organic farming contributes to the local economy and create local jobs. They sell their products to consumer at local farmer’s market or stores which in turn keeps the money local.

No GMO’s are found in organic products, Organic Standards forbids the use of them so it is a sure way to know you are avoiding GMO’s.

Be sure to look for organic products at your local grocery stores or markets or you can shop directly from some farms or farmer’s markets. You will be buying locally grown, fresh, ripe produce that has little impact on our environment.