Organic Single Serve Coffee Pods

Many of us have gone to single serve coffee makers and are using the coffee pods, according to research 40% of us. Many of us are using them and throwing them in the garbage and not realizing that the pods, as a whole, are not recyclable as a whole.

That is where OneCoffee come in, they have produced a single-serve sustainable coffee pods. When developing the pod they looked at features that would not only benefit people but the environment as well.

The coffee is organic, they use fair trade coffee, their packaging is developed so it has little impact on the environment and are working to improve it, and the process of making them is as sustainable as possible.  They use the example on their website at that when making the decaffeinated coffee pod they use the Swisswater® which is an environmentally friendly process that is 100% chemical free and produces delicious coffee.

At OneCoffee everything they do they consider the impact it has on the environment. To find out more about OneCoffee and where to buy it, please visit their website at