Organic Pet Food

Pets have become more than just a pet to many of us, they are a member of the family. This has pet owner looking for quality, healthy, organic pet food which is more expensive. Many may ask, is the price worth it? How is it better for my dog?

We believe it is, below are some quality benefits to why we believe making the switch to organic, holistic pet food:

  • No animal by-products are used – when you read the labels of regular pet food you will see some of the products used to make it are: chicken by-product meal, ground corn and corn gluten, would you eat this?  Although not all organic, green products use the best choice of ingredients so it is important to read labels and research the ingredients or look for products without preservatives, artificial flavoring, or by-products, look for ingredients such as all-natural, high quality foods like chicken, fish and eggs.
  • Your pets will be healthier – Nutrition is an important part of our health so by feeding your pet a health, holistic, organic pet food you are improving their overall health, and helping keep their skin and coat healthy, increasing their energy, and helping maintain a healthy weight.
  • Helps reduce pet’s allergies – if you pet suffers from allergies they could be from the artificial products in pet food, organic food does not have any of these products and can alleviate the symptoms of allergies for you pets.
  • Higher nutrition value – although organic food is more expensive they have a higher nutritional value which means you pet will not need as much food per meal.
  • Longer Life expectancy – organic, holistic food can extend your pets health and quality of life because of the healthier, higher nutritional food products.
  • Easier to digest – due to the lack of chemicals and artificial substances in dog food it causes pets to have gas, bloating, and vomiting, organic foods are easier to digest because they are made form natural products.

Since our pets are more like a member of our family now and not just a pet why not make the switch and see if you notice a difference in your pet’s overall health. We have directory of retailers who supply organic pet products listed, look for a retailer in your area by searching our business directory.