Little Life Box

Have you been wanting to make a change to healthy and eco-friendly products but not sure what to buy? Little Life Box can help you with that.

If you subscribe and order a Little Life Box you will receive a box with 8 – 12 snacks, skincare products, and lifestyle items in every box. Each box is valued at anywhere between $40 – $75 including shipping.

You can order original or vegan boxes, and can order a monthly subscription for $23, 3-months for $22 or 6-month subscription for $21 per month, each will have $5 shipping and applicable taxes added on. All boxes are shipped on the 5th of each month and take 2 – 7 business days for the box to arrive.

Not only can you order yourself a healthy monthly package, but you can send out gift boxes as well. This is a great idea for a gift for the hard to buy for. You have a choice from The Holiday Gift Box, the Man Box, The Classic Gift Box, and the Deluxe Gift Box. The gift boxes range in price from $28 to $40 plus shipping and taxes.

To learn more about Little Life Box visit their website at