In the Workplace

Most of us spend more time at work than at home on a day to day basis therefore it is important for the workplace to be a healthy and sustainable work space. You can take the initiative to work towards promoting and practicing sustainability in your workplace.

Below are some tips to making your business a Green Environment:

  1. Reducing Energy Use:
     Turning everything off at night when you leave the office at night at on weekends will conserve energy.

    – Purchasing energy efficient photocopiers and printers
    – Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  2. Choose Green Suppliers:
    – Choose suppliers with sustainable products and services

    – Choose a Courier with hybrid electric vehicles
    – Purchase Green cleaning products and cleaning supplies
    – Purchase fair trade organic coffee and tea
  3. Commute Smarter:
    – Choose hybrid rentals and taxis
    – Walk, bike, transit, or carpool to work
  4. Waste less and recycle:
    – Set your printer to print double-sided so reduce the amount of paper used
    – Whenever possible, go electronic instead of using hard copies
    – have recycling bins for paper products
    – have a compost bin for all kitchen scraps
    – Donate or recycle old computers and electronic equipment
    – purchase refilled toner cartridges and return them when empty
  5. Conserve Water:
    – ban bottled water from the office
    – drink tap water and keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator to reduce running the tap
    – any unused water use to water plants instead of pouring it down the drain

These are all just some simple steps that can be implemented in your workplace that will help to reduce your companies carbon footprint and create a healthier working environment for the employees.