How to Green your Office

There are some small, easy steps you an take to get started on becoming more environmentally friendly in your workplace.  These are just a few ideas that are easy changes to make, you can defiantly take more steps to make a huge difference, remember every little bit helps!

Here is a list of 8 easy changes you can make in your office:

Reduce, reuse, recycle – recycling paper is good but using the other side of the paper before you recycle it is even better, if you have only used the one side then use the other side for scrap paper or notes. Don’t by plastic cups for the office, and before you buy products for the office make sure they can be recycled.

Electricity usage – turn off all electronics when not using them turn off lights and set computer monitors to energy efficient saving settings.

Buy office products that are environmentally friendly – use refillable ink cartridges, 100% recycled paper, etc.

Use non-toxic cleaning products – hire cleaning companies that use non-toxic, green cleaning products.

Transportation – encourage carpooling, biking to work, walk and even transit.

Go Paperless – although you may not be able to go completely paperless try to use as little paper as possible.

Buy Fair Trade and Organic Products – Such as coffee, tea for the office.  

Bring Lunch – bring a lunch from home packed in reusable containers.

Take the Stairs – instead of using the elevator, take the stairs, it is better for your health to.

Remember that taking small steps will have a great impact on the earth, let’s green our office space.