Benefits of Organic

A better quality of life and better health is a goal many of us are trying to achieve. Exercise is one way we do that but another is what we eat. Many of us are choosing to shop for local, organically grown foods because they have so many benefits to us. Those benefits are:

  1. Free of Chemicals – No pesticides, herbicides or chemicals are used when growing, processing or packing.  This means you have less risk of heath issues and food allergies caused by those chemicals.
  2. Free of Artificial additives and Genetically Modified Organism (GMO’s) – They are not treated to kill of
    f any germs, organically grown fruits and vegetables have a longer shelf life than chemically grown ones without needing chemical treatments.
  3. Higher in Nutrients – Many studies have shown that organic fruits and vegetables have higher levels of nutrients, on average up to 25% higher concentration of 11 nutrients that chemically grown ones.
  4. Tastes better – it has been said that organically grown food tastes better, this is because they have more nutrients and the vitamins and minerals are what give the food its flavor. They are usually picked the same day or the day before it is delivered to the stores and are picked when they are ripe and ready to eat.

By eating organic, nutrient filled, chemical free foods you will feel more energized and not have that, tired, bloated, gross feeling after eating like you do with processed foods. You are also supporting your local economy and protecting the environment as well as you and your family’s health.