About Us

There is nothing too crazy going on over here at EarthSOS. Our goal is to help the human species consume less on a daily basis and use more earth friendly products to help our beautiful earth stay healthy as long as possible.

Concerned citizens are what we are and if we can make a couple of dollars in the process then that would be great to pay the bills for this Green Business Directory instead of it being out of pocket.

We are based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Mission Statement

To bring easy to use information to help people take action on consuming less and using healthier products. We are not here to convince you to use smart, efficient, earth friendly/friendlier products but rather we are here to help those already converted to that ideology find those products fast and easy and buy them instead of the not so friendly more common place counterparts.

We believe that people will change easier if it doesn’t take a lot of effort so our goal is to make this easy. Have some ideas on helping us make it easier for you, please let us know.